The title lies … 😛 We went to a Japanese restaurant for my sister’s friend’s 25th birthday .. but there was no sushi involved. There were other kinds of good food – food that are good with plum liqueur or any alcohol for that matter (except maybe beer because beer just sucks in general). Mmmmyum. The restaurant is tiny. It’s like a little bar area and one room for parties of more than 5 … I think the whole place can only fit approximately 20-25 people, so obviously getting a reservation if you have a large party is a good idea. We had four people and thankfully we had a reservation, so no waiting. Although I don’t think too many people know about it so there really was no waiting for anyone. Towards the end of the night, when we were just about to leave, this famous hairstylist who regularly goes on one of those beauty shows here in Taiwan arrived. I didn’t know who she was, but birthday girl did. =P

Anyway, although the place is small, it’s got super nice ambience. Kind of dark, but not so dark that you can’t see what you’re eating. =P And the shelves behind the bar (as you can see from the pix) were filled with different kinds of alcohol – plum liqueur and sake mostly, but lots of different brands. I think the place is known for it’s Japanese alcohol supply. ^^ I thoroughly enjoyed our 1400ish NT$ plum liqueur. So gooooood. I want more now! =P

The food was good too. We had them set us up with the food, picking their more popular ones. At first we thought it wouldn’t be enough because the portions seemed small, but towards the end of the night, we were all pretty full. I wish I had taken pics of the food, but alas, I was enjoying it too much. There were dishes of mushrooms, fish, chicken, beef, salad, etc cooked Japanese style-ish. There was this one particular dish that was different from anything I’d ever ate at a restaurant. Chicken cartilage? I’m not sure if it’s cartilage, but it’s the soft chewy white bone part of the chicken. They kinda BBQ’d like 5 pieces on a stick and served it to us. It was pretty good, except after a while my jaws got sore from all the chewing. 😛

I wouldn’t mind going back there again one day …. although it is a bit pricey – the four of us ended up w/ a bill of 4500 NT$. Not thaaaat bad, but not that great that’d encourage me to go there more often. Oh, what’s the name of the place? I have no idea. ^^ And to end, here’s a picture of the yummy liqueur in a glass w/ a cube ice cube. Heehee, don’t ask me why I didn’t take a picture of the bottle itself. =.=