Xi-Men-Ting Weekend

The diet has ended. It actually ended on Friday night when we all gave up and went out to eat fried rice. Oh man, I have decided that I cannot live without rice. Just something about rice that makes me feel so much happier with life. (:P) Can’t say it was a total failure, though, because I have lost a couple of Kg’s and that was part of the goal. Just can’t live a week on that kind of diet, I guess three days is enough. Heh.

Anyway, went to Ximenting this weekend. Saturday was an attempt to find some presents for my buddies in LA, but I ended up buying shoes and a t-shirt. Hah. Will attempt to find more presents next .. time. =P

Today, we went again after lunch to Taipei Main Station where they opened up the 2nd floor as a kind of food court area with food from different countries. For example, they have Pho (yay!), which hasn’t opened yet, food from Southeast Asia, and Beard Papa (YAY!). They even have this Sweet Berry, which I think is just a ripoff of Pink Berry, even the logo looks the same, but I haven’t tried it yet, so can’t tell what their quality’s like. We went to eat at the Southeast Asian restaurant called Little Penang. The food was pretty good, a bit overpriced, but the service sucked majorly. It’s probably the worst I’ve seen since coming back to Taiwan. The waiters didn’t know what they were doing, didn’t know what food they were serving, didn’t say anything, didn’t get food on our table without us having to rush them. Bad service can be expected in Taiwan because we don’t tip our waiters, but in this restaurant they charge a 10% service fee, which is ridiculous because there is NO service. Ahhhhh, it was frustrating. If the service wasn’t SO bad, I’d totally recommend the place. But the lousy service takes away 50 points (out of 100) because it just made the meal not as enjoyable.

After that horrible meal, we decided to walk off our calories at Ximenting, which is a really popular hangout for young people – lots of stores, cafes, restaurants. Super crowded during the weekends.

On our way there we saw a toilet restaurant! I wanna go try it just to see what they sell inside. It’s kinda interesting. 😀

We went to this old theater that they turned into a temporary street vendor-ish place. Each vendor sold stuff that they made, so it was made up of a lot of artists and their crafts. It was totally awesome to see what different people can come up with. Some stuffs were cute, others were pretty, and still others were cool. Meh. Here are some pictures. 🙂

These next two were inside the theater itself where they were having a sort of exhibition of old stuffs found in Taiwan …

Old school film camera? Or Something?

Old school hair dryer and iron.

While we were there, a famous Taiwanese pop singer Show (羅志祥) was have his autograph session there. The line was craaaaazy long. I guess his latest album’s color is yellow or something because a lot of his fans were wearing his yellow shirt.

To finish our trip at Ximenting, we went to a famous Star Fruit Juice store and had some of their star fruit juice. It was sour, but good! Thank God we had given up our diet, or we would have had to forgo the yumminess 🙂

More pictures at flickr/xlisapoox