Bon Appetit!

Three things to be noted:

1. I got my first real paycheck on Friday; real as in being paid for a full-time-(9-6)-with-benefits-and-no-jeans-allowed job.

2. My family (including the extended relatives) has this tradition where whenever we get our first real paycheck, we treat them to food. One of my previous entries was about treating my relatives to fooding because of this tradition, but that was technically before I got my real paycheck.

3. I owe my cousin and her boyfriend and my sister big time for taking care of me while I adapted to this semi-new environment and totally-new, non-student lifestyle. Taking care of me in the sense of making sure I am well-fed (fattie) and treating me many a-times before.

SO! I decided to treat them, on Friday night, to good food, and I decided on French food. I wanted to go to another French restaurant that I’d tried out senior year in high school and enjoyed, but for some reason, four of its six stores had closed down, and the two remaining were either too expensive or too far. After some searching online, we settled on L’Appetit in the East side of Taipei. The price seemed decent, and the reviews seemed good, so we thought we’d give it a shot. Why not!

Not the best French food I’ve ever had, but then again, I guess you just can’t really compare French food in Taipei to French food in France, even if the chef is French. Working with different available ingredients always makes for different tastes, and I’m sure there’s a certain challenge to making authentic French food when you’re not exactly in France. Anyway, it was good, enjoyable, and very filling. The service was really good, though. The waiter spent like 10 minutes introducing us to the various wines they carried and in the end had to actually pick one for us since we couldn’t decide. Thank God for good service! (Especially when you get charged for that service). Anyway, here are some (by some I mean lots of) pictures ….

L’Appetit’s sign.

A shot of the interior that doesn’t quite do it justice. I missed out on a couple of areas, but the general atmosphere was pretty cozy and nice. There weren’t too many people there when we first arrived, probably because we went a bit early. More people started arriving when we were mid-way through our meal.

Yummy pickled olives. That’s all I can say. SO GOOD.

Bottle of red, thanks to my sister. From the southwest of France and pretty decent. Yay for good choice made by Mr. Waiter.

First up, soup! Vegetable soup, to be more exact, made of seven (or was it eight …) different veggies, but it predominantly tasted like carrots.

Les escargots, anybody? Oh-so-yum! Who knew snails could taste so good?

Another yum appetizer – potato gratin. The name they gave it was much more sophisticated and better sounding, but too long for me to remember. >.< Anyway, potatoes, cheese, and bacon. Can’t go wrong with that combination. Yum!

The third appetizer – camambert (sp?) cheese and some other stuffs. The cheese was the best part 😛

Main course for my sister and me was steak, which was decent, but the steak was kinda chewy (not in a good way). Meh.

Should’ve gotten the ribs – that was tasty.

And then there was the fish, which was pretty good, too; but meh, not a big fan of fish.

The dessert! Number one – some sort of chocolate cake, which I enjoyed. Thoroughly.

Number two – some kind of roll, which was ok.

Number three – not sure what exactly this was, but it was yum!

Number four – the best one!!! creme brulee …. so good. SO GOOD. ahhhh, too bad so small and the four of us had to share it … haha. 😛

T’was a good and filling dinner; good thing we went walking afterwards to digest. Mmmm, I love French food.