A Little Bit O’Fun

This past weekend we went on a trip to Taichung. Visited the city on Saturday and met up with old friends. Ate lots, shopped, and just enjoyed the city (kinda). Went to Chungyo Mall and Feng Chia Night Market. Had dinner at all you can eat spicy hot pot place. Sunday we took a short road trip to the mountains nearby where there was a park-ish area. It had a castle-looking building and lake in it – very scenic, so we took tons of pictures. Also went to the mushroom street where they basically sold, yup, mushrooms. I love mushrooms. šŸ™‚ Anyway, it’s picture time … (all the pics are on flickr, so just posting some yum/scenic/fun pix)

All you can eat spicy hot pot – the center was the spicy one and the outside non-spicy for wimps (that would be me. sigh.)

Feng-Chia Night Market shot (can you spot Picker’s head?)

Shaved ice with yummy toppings.

Cute little building at Princess Annie’s.

Giant grilled mushrooms.

Summit Resort – seems like a fairy-tale castle location; if only there weren’t so many people around.

Main building

check out the mountains in the background; if only it had been a sunny day. :\

The End!