Blue skies!!!

At Qing Shui Rest stop (清水休息站) … oh blue skies, how I’ve missed you.

We went down to Chia-Yi this past weekend, needed to buy some stuff and get the hair done. Hair’s half done – got it styled, but didn’t have time to get it straightened, so have to go back down next month. Right now, it’s just a poofball, as usual, because of the humidity. Bleh.

Speaking of humidity, it was one hot and humid weekend. 30 degrees Celsius doesn’t seem so bad, until you add on the ridiculousness of humidity. Literally, after walking for a little bit outside, I come home dripping in sweat. It’s quite disgusting.

Also got to play with Cola – my aunt’s cat. SO CUTE! Took tons of pictures, but most of them didn’t come out because it was dark and I used flash, which his eyes reflected. Looks kind of freaky.

He likes his plastic bags

Also ate a lot of good food – what else is new? Except the one meal that was fantastic I didn’t bring the camera, so no pictures from that meal. However, ever heard of 冷肉圓 (cold meat wrapped in gelatinous goodness)? I didn’t. Until this time! It was pretty tasty; perfect for a hot, humid summer day. It went well with the thousand year old egg and tofu (皮蛋豆腐) …


Think I gained another kilo or so thanks to the weekend. >.<