Picture of the Day – Fire Man

So ever since I got my new camera, I’ve been carrying it around with me and taking pictures of whatever I think is … cool. Mostly it’s been of my aunt’s dog, Nike, but also some street/random pictures of scenes that I come across. Anyway, so I’ve decided to try and do a picture a day (which means one entry a day! woo!). We’ll start with today (click for larger, but way blurrier picture):

We were at Ximenting, waiting for The Dark Knight to start (yes, I finally watched it! And the Joker totally freaked me out!), and we saw this guy performing with fire. It was interesting, and he was good. I wish I got his name, but eh, I got a ton of pictures, most of which didn’t turn out well because he moves a lot, and it’s hard to capture movement well (at least for me). And that is why, his face is a blur. Sigh. Fail! Also because most of the time his back was to us, so I couldn’t really get a good picture. However, I did get a picture WITH him, and that picture is on facebook. 🙂

Here’s a video –