Greetings from Brussels!

I made it! Safe and sound I have arrived in this very green city. It’s so green! I haven’t seen this much green since …. well, since I visited my parents in Ottawa. It’s crazy green here! Haha, ok, I’m done. I’ll take pictures when we go out for a walk, but for now, let’s just say it’s VERY green.

So it hasn’t really hit me yet that I’m not going back to Taiwan for a year. Wait, I take that back. It’s been hitting me. I can’t believe I’ma be here by myself! Sigh. It’s always funny how life ends up being … or working out. But eh, I’m over it (for now).

But yah, the first thing we hear after we landed was bad news. 😦 Terrible way to start things here, but it wasn’t that surprising, I guess. Me grandpa passed away *tear*, so the ‘rents are going back to Taiwan next week leaving my sister and I here. What shall we be doing? Guess we’ll see. It’s still so sad to hear and to think that we won’t be able to attend his funeral.

Meh, the flight was ok. It went faster than I thought it would since I managed to sleep during most of the flight to Frankfurt. I think it helped that it was midnight when we left, so our bodies were tired enough to fall asleep. The transfer went pretty well too, since we got there on time and didn’t have to rush. We actually got there early enough that our flight wasn’t on the departure list yet, so we didn’t know which gate to go to for check-in. The flight itself to Brussels was short, but super noisy. There was a baby who non-stopped cried the entire way. Nearly made me wanna smack my head into the seat in front of me. Thank goodness the flight was short.

Anyway, lotsa mixed feelings right now. Sigh. But I think I just need to get used to it here and truly realize that I’m going to be on my own again, soon enough. Life, oh life.

Come visit me!!!!!