Picture of the Day (and more) – Brussels

The streets of Brussels, well, the area we’re currently staying in, looks like it’s right out of a BBC tv series. Quaint buildings with small cars parked in front of them and small little streets. It feels like I’ve stepped into a scene from one of those TV shows, and it’s going to take me some time to get used to it. So not used to this slow-paced, quiet lifestyle. Used to the hustle and bustle of city life. Who knows, maybe Leuven will be different, but for now, especially during days-off (they had no work today, so except for some restaurants, everything else was closed! and there weren’t that many people around!), it’ll take some getting used to – the emptiness and quietness. And the greenness! IT’S SO GREEN!!! (My incredulousness shows how long I’ve been living in the city – too long)

Our apartment complex – it’s nice, quiet, and spacious.

Dog peeing area! but there was no designated poo area, so there were quite a few (read: a whole crap load) of gold mines along the pathways.

The architecture here is so different from Taipei and L.A. It’s so … not cohesive. I mean, you’ll have a modern building across from an old-school-styled building. And all the houses or apartment buildings are different colors. It gives it a different feel, like everyone is unique in their own way. It’s so interesting!

Generally what the streets here look like.

More pictures at Flickr.

First day here and I’ve eaten Chinese food for both lunch and dinner. It’s nice how ubiquitous Chinese food is. However, the prices aren’t so nice. Everything here’s so expensive! I still can’t get over how a DS Lite at the Frankfurt airport costs around 9000nt while the one that we got in Taipei was only 4000-some nt. Such a big difference, it’s kinda scary.

Also. First day here and I’ve drunken alkie on a relatively empty stomach. Ha! I am not an alcoholic. We just had a dinner gathering where red wine was involved. Although, the red wine was indeed quite yum. And the food yum too. Too bad I was jetlagged, and the alkie only made me sleepier. *sigh*

I think I’ve wasted enough time. 11 pm should be a decent time to go sleep. Hopefully I don’t wake up at like 8 am or something.