Daily Beer – Rodenbach

Aside from being known for it’s chocolates and waffles, Belgium’s also known for it’s beer! I also dislike beer, well, the kinds that you can get at 7-11 in Taiwan (Heineken, Corona, etc.). But, I have to at least try the numerous beers they produce in Belgium while I’m here, right? So it’s going to be a beer a day. We went to the supermarket this morning and bought ourselves a whole selection.

No drinking from the bunch today, but we did go to a restaurant for lunch where we had some, and it was yum (beer for lunch! *gasp*!). Name’s Rodenbach (I haven’t heard of any of the beers here, man. But then again, I wasn’t really that into beer before, I guess.) It didn’t taste like regular American beer – it was kind of sour, but with a tad bit of fruity taste to it. It’s hard to describe, but it went down well, and I liked it way more than the regular beers. It was also kept on ice (you know, in those ice buckets traditionally reserved for champagne or white wine, but in this case it was for beers!), so it tasted just as good an hour later.

Will be keeping a record of the beers we’ve tried and try to figure out which ones are my favorites. I wonder if I’ll become beer-spoiled and end up not being able to drink any of the beers in Taiwan after I leave. 😛 Well, not like I can really drink them now anyway. ^^