Picture of the Day/Daily Beer

Two in one! Because I’m too lazy to do two separate entries one after the other. And also a little update on day three here in Brussels.

I think I’ve gotten more exercise (via walking) these past couple of days than in the past month in Taipei. Considering how the only real exercise I got was walking around Taipei City with friends and clubbing, I guess it’s not that hard. Laziness is bad! Heh. Anyway, it’s also easy to walk around here because there’s so many trails and forests and little towns you can walk to and around. It’s a good thing since the plan is to lose some weight (although food-wise ain’t helping much – too much good food!) before school starts.

So today we went to a park where the Africa Museum is. It used to be the royal palace, so the grounds surrounding it is fantastic. There’s a forest, lots of greenery, lots of lakes, lots of water fowls (ducks, geese, etc.), and lots of people fishing and walking their doggies (so cute!!!).



More Green.

Geese and baby geese!

I still can’t get over how late the sun sets here. It’s 9:19 right now and it’s not completely dark yet. I feel like it should only be 7 p.m. My mom says that earlier in the summer, the sun didn’t begin to set till 9, so it was still light out during that time. It’s crazy! Definitely will take some getting used to, although I don’t think I’ll be staying here much during the summers (unless school work is insane or something like that).


Actually had this beer, Orval, last night after dinner. Mmm yah, alcoholic much? Hah! But anyway, it was bitter, like WAY bitter. Bitter-er than the American beers, but equally untasty. Don’t think I’ll be having this one any time soon again. Oh right, it’s actually an ale, not beer (not sure what the difference is), and it’s actually made in an abbey. Yup, an abbey named Orval (heh). And apparently there’s an abbey around where we live that makes their own beer too. Interesting!

Had another beer tonight with our dinner. It’s called Hoegaarden, and it’s a “white” beer. Not bitter at all (always a plus!), and has a different taste to it that you don’t get with regular beers. When I first drank it, I was thinking it tasted of some kind of spice, but I got laughed at by my sister and dad. However! My dad has a beer book of all the beers here in Belgium, and when I read about this specific beer, they did add spices when brewing the beer. I was right!! Anyway, totally recommend this beer to those who dislike bitter beer as much as I do. Wouldn’t mind drinking this one again.