Picture of the Day/Daily Beer – Chimay

Today was spent mostly at Leuven with the fantastic events that I described in the previous post. It was also raining, and I was annoyed enough that I didn’t feel like taking any pictures. But like any of the other days I’ve been here, we still had beer with our dinner and went out for a walk after dinner (since it’s still bright at 8 pm).

Want to Chateau Malou for a walk. Yup, it’s a castle, but it didn’t look like a castle, and it wasn’t particularly spectacular, so I refrained from taking a picture of it. But, the pathways surrounding it was … green. There was also a pond with more water fowls! Also on our way there and back from the apartment, there were plenty of slugs. In Canada, we saw rabbits and ground hogs everywhere we went. In Brussels, we see slugs at night and poo all day round. 😛

Neighbor’s 2 (of 3) cats. When we first started going out for walks after arriving here, my dad kept telling us about how the first floor tenants had three cats that would actually wander out of the apartment, out of their backyard, and just sit on the steps. But we never saw them! Well, we saw the white one sleep on a chair inside their yard once, but that was it. Anyway, today we finally saw them, and even though my cousin’s cats are cuter, these are cute too!! Aww. Once again, I wish I weren’t allergic to cats.

Today’s beer was another Trappiste one (abbey-made), Chimay. It was a brown ale – bitter, but with a slightly different taste than regular American beer. Not as bad, but definitely not on the favorites list. It’s not as bitter when you’re drinking it while eating food, but on it’s own, it’s pretty bitter.