Three Countries in a Day!

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Three countries being Luxembourg, Germany, and Belgium. In reality, not really. *Sigh* So we decided to go to Luxembourg and stop by a little town in Germany to buy some (relatively) cheap ceramics (Villeroy & Boch – supposed to be brand name in the ceramics world, but I’ve never heard of it. Then again, I know next to nothing in that world. But doode, those are some expensive ceramics, and we were at an outlet!).

Anyway, the trip to Luxembourg was supposed to take two hours only (relatively close), but the trip there ended up taking 3+ hours because we ran into construction where basically two lanes became one became a shoulder. Yah. Apparently they take advantage of the “summer break” (August) to do some road repair. Ugh! It was pretty much stop and go traffic for an hour. It kinda put a kink in our plans because we wanted to eat Chinese food in Luxembourg, but by the time we got past the construction it was already 1 p.m., so we ate at a rest stop. That was an awkward experience mainly because of communication problems. In general, we’ve had no problem with English because, well, people here are trilingual (French, Dutch, and English)! Pretty awesome, but not so much today.

Finally arrived in Luxembourg, but guess what? It was raining. Nonstop. Fun! So we sight-saw the capital city for a little while (thankfully it’s a pretty small city) and decided to go to the German town to buy the ceramics. The trip there was relatively uneventful, but that’s probably because I had headphones on and was dead asleep (tired mah). We get to the little riverside town and start buying ceramic cups, plates, ice cream bowls, etc. I thought we’d bought a lot, but according to my parents, it’s considered little. My dad’s colleagues would buy tons and bring them back to Taiwan to give to family and friends. I was thinking, “I wonder if any of my friends know what Villeroy and Boch is.” Then again, you guys might, and I’m just an ignorant fool. Teehee. But I like the cups I bought. They’re still wrapped up, but once I open them, I take pics!

By that time it was … 5:30 – 6 p.m., so we decide it’s time to head home! Yay! What was supposed to be another two hour trip took another three and a half hours instead. Geebus! Basically we ran into three (or was it four) construction issues along the highway, one of which required us to get off the highway and take the local road to get back on the highway one exit down. Ugh! And since everyone had to do that, you can imagine the traffic jam that caused. By the time we got home it was 9:30, and we were all tired and hungry.

So basically today we maybe spent 4 or 5 hours out of the car. The rest of the time (left at 10 am, got home at 9:30 pm) was spent in the car, with me listening to music and taking really random pictures. Enjoy!

Bathroom costs 50 cents Euro! (around 75 cents USD)

River by the German town where we bought ceramics. I should figure out its name.

I was super bored on the car

I’m just thankful that nobody checks visas in these E.U. countries (phew!) since I’m technically not allowed out of Belgium. Heh!

PS – More ironic-ness:

– Yesterday we went to Leuven and brought an umbrella expecting it to rain (those big golfing kinds), but it ended up not raining.
– Today I brought my sunglasses just in case there would be sun (it tends to come out in the afternoon), but it ended up raining all day long.
– After my dad said it’d be a fast trip home because there shouldn’t be any traffic, it took 3.5+ hours to get home.