Tour of Northern Belgium

Back in the blogging mood after some self-pitying, PMSing, and a little too much Las Vegas and Gossip Girls. Thank God for streaming TV shows on the internet. Otherwise I wouldn’t know how to spend my too much free time.

A couple of days before my parents took off for their Taiwan trip, we went to three cities in Belgium. This was before the trip to Antwerp. Wow, my trip updates are way out of order. Anyway, we went to Ostend (beach!), Bruges (old town), and Waterloo (Napoleon!).

I think this would be a nice place if 1) it weren’t so cold and windy, and 2) there was blue skies. Due to the lack of blue skies, the sea wasn’t very blue either. =(

It was so windy that it was cold (we weren’t very prepared), so we just stayed on the boardwalk, kinda far from the water. We had lunch there and had very yummy beer – Subite Morte (Sudden Death, heh). It had a sweet taste and wasn’t bitter at all. Kinda like a carbonated drink with a tad bit of alcohol. Mmm. The food was good too. 😛

Gorgeous town, fantastic architecture, lots of churches. I really do like the old-European style buildings. Pictures will do the talking.

Bruges is kinda Venice-like as they have their own canals around their city. We didn’t really visit the whole city, but they have these boat tours that take you around.

interior of one of the churches

Yup, where Napoleon lost. There’s a huge hill – Butte du Lion – that you get to climb up to the top (where there’s a lion statue!) and look down at the “battle site.” There’s 225 steps (yup, I counted), and my calves were SO sore the day after that climb. Ugh. So tiring.

View from the top

Where the armies were …

As usual, more pictures at Flickr