Food Entry (Part 2)

Thought I’d split the food entries up. One entry seemed a tad long. 😛


Dimsum! That’s all that needs to be said, except, we ordered way too much for the four of us. We’d taken the train there and were starving by the time we got there. Needless to say, we left overfull. Yikes! Towards the end, I was too busy eating to take pictures one by one. 😛 But if you guys come visit me, I know where to take you for some decent dimsum!

Duck tongue

Shrimp Qang Fen

Beef with thick noodles?

Assorted cow innards

Shrimp wrapped with tofu skin, I think

Spring rolls. Yes, I am Americanized; sue me.

Turnip cake. *Shudder*

Chicken feet YUM

Seafood Restaurant

Ugh, I’m so bad with names. If I don’t get their cards, I never remember them. Anyway, this restaurant is frequented frequently (heh) by my dad and his office for lunch appointments and such with … people. Eh. Anyway, they serve mainly fish, and sometimes they have lobster. But not the time we went, boo! Instead, we got mussels, which was yum!

Instead of bread, we had tiny shrimp. You decapitate it and then eat its body! It had a fishy taste that was too strong for me.

Dad’s appetizer – sashimi

The rest of our appetizers – 1/2 Mussels

Fish dish

Fish dish

Fish dish

Fish dish (forgot exactly what kinds of fish :P)

To top it off, white wine from the Alsace region of France, fruity and sweet. Perfect!

Aux Armes de Bruxelles

Mussels! For my sister’s last dinner in Brussels, we decided to be touristy and go where the tourists go! Near the Grand Place, there’s a little alleyway that has a whole bunch of restaurants that serve mainly mussels and some other assorted seafood (e.g., lobster, clams, etc.). As you walk down the alley, these waiters try their best to get you to go into their restaurants. It was kinda weird with all of them talking at you, but I guess they have to because there’s a lot of competition. Anyway, one of the most famous mussels restaurant is Chez Leon, but my said it was too touristy. So we went to the one across from it, which he likes better. It was pretty darn good. 🙂 All the main courses, except for the lobster came with fries.

More Alsace wine with bread and butter.

Sister’s – Mussels with white wine and cream.

Mom’s – Eel in Green Sauce (not a fan of eel, personally, but my mom enjoyed it).

My lobster! It was yum!

Dad’s – Mussels en casserole (basically au naturel – cooked with some butter, celery, and onions).

The end (for now)!