Food Entry (Part I)

Anyway, so Brussels has very decent food, I have to admit. I think all the restaurants have a certain standard that they have to adhere to, so most of the restaurants my dad’s taken us to have been yum! It’s just too bad I won’t be able to continue to afford eating at these snazzy and yum restaurants after my parents leave. *Sigh* The following are restaurants that we’ve been to and I’d actually brought my camera along (in order from earliest to most recent). I’m not even going to talk about price because they’re all pretty pricey (most, if not all, were 20+ Euro per person). Lost of food pics, you have been warned!

Belga Queen
My mom’s not a big fan of this restaurant. The few times she went before she always ordered the Plat du Jour (plate of the day) and was disappointed each time. However, their bathroom is awesome because the glass walls and doors of each stall are clear until you lock the door. Then, the glasses all fog up, and you can’t see the person inside! Just for that, we had to take a trip to the restaurant. This time around we didn’t order the Plat du Jour, just ordered main courses. I thought it was pretty good.

Beer! (Rodenbach)

Obligatory pre-meal bread and butter

Mom’s dish – roasted cod with mashed potatoes

Dad’s dish – Charcoaled steak with Artichoke

Sister’s dish – Half raw tuna (aka seared tuna, thanks JC) with fries (As much as I dislike tuna, this was pretty tasty)

Mine’s – Smoked Piglet with Veggies. T’was really yum!

Pictures of bathroom coolness? ~> Unlocked and Locked.

Italian Restaurant

Forgot the name of this restaurant. Hah! Their food was alright. Actually, I should say, their pizza was fantastic. We ordered pizaa with artichoke (<3!), olives, mushrooms, Italian sausage, and ham. Thin crusted, baked to perfection. So good. Other than that, their pastas and ravioli left much to be desired. And their post-meal alcohol? So strong it was ridiculous. Ever tasted paint thinner? I haven’t, but I think that liquor was on par with paint thinner.

Bread, which was made out of the pizza crust. Fresh outta the oven, delicious!

PIZZA! which I forgot to take a picture of until we were 3/4 done with it.

Salmon pasta, which my mom likes, but I wasn’t really a fan of the sauce. It just tasted weird. Then again, not a fan of salmon.

Dad’s oxtail with pasta. It was aite. Only aite.

Horrible ravioli with bolognaise sauce. It was too salty and the ravioli itself was tasteless. Tried to tell the waiter that it was too salty, but the waiter didn’t speak English. And salty in French escaped our minds.

After-meal liqueur, aka paint thinner. It was free. But it was DEADLY.

Brasserie du Parc (Ostend)

When we went on our tour of Northern Belgium, ended up at Ostend around lunch time. My dad’s guide book suggested two restaurants, and one of them wasn’t open yet and the prices were a tad high, so we ended up at Brasserie du Parc (which in the guidebook was named Cafe du Parc, weird until we realized the guidebook was published back in 2003 or something). After initial misgivings, we ordered, and the food turned out to be not so bad, except for my dad’s dry, plain looking tuna sandwich.

Beer! Can’t be without beer – 2 Hoegaardens and a Mort Subite.

Mom’s dish – Bouillabaisse (sp?) aka Fish soup, which tasted super fishy, but my mom enjoyed.

Dad’s dish – tuna fish sandwich. Mmm, looks tasty, huh? My mom’s looks and probably tastes better than that.

Sister’s dish – Omlette with everything (ham, cheese and tomatoes).

Mines – Vol au Vent or Chicken with white sauce (Creamy!).

To be continued ….