Food Entry (Part 3) & Sickness on the Subway

I just had a fantastic lunch that cost more than 50 euro per person (yah, you do the math) at L’Ecailler du Palais Royal. Muy expensivo! But, it was pretty good, and it’s supposedly famous! 🙂 I think I’ve eaten more fish this trip to Brussels than the last year in Taiwan. Hah! Um, unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera (stupid!), but! I did bring my cell phone, so there are pictures, just not of the best quality. 😛 The description of the restaurant on their card reads, “L’Ecailler du Palais Royal is located in a 17th century house in the “Sablon”. The charming centre of the Brussels antique trade.” The place is actually really nice (cozy feel), and the service was fantastic. They specialize in fish and seafood, so that’s what we had! I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the white wine (a type of Riesling), which was pretty yum, and the bread. Ah well, here’s everything else:

View out the window

Snail! The taste and texture was too … weird for me (even though I enjoy escargots)

Complimentary appetizer, not sure what exactly it was, but it was good.

Dad’s appetizer – three different kinds of oysters: deep oysters and two types of flat oysters.

Mom’s appetizer – mussels au gratin (yum!)

Mine’s – Salad with lobster and sole (yum toooooo. mmmmm. love lobster).

Mom’s entree – 1/2 a lobster with mango and eggplant.

Dad’s entree – Pan-friend monkfish.

Mine’s – Dorado in olive oil w/ basil and tomato sauce and mashed broccoli and cauliflower.

Plate of goodies that they give you with coffee

Orange flavored creme brulee! So big! So good!

Espresso. Their cups and plates are so cute!

Ughhhh, Right now, though, I feel disgusting. I just had the first ever subway sickness! Hah! Nothing to be proud of, I’m sure. But of all the subways, metros, and MRT I’ve ever taken, this is the first time I felt like upchucking my lunch right there. I’ve figured out potential reasons why: 1) I had a big lunch (as you can see), 2) It was way stuffy and hot down there as they have no a/c in their subways and the windows were closed shut, and 3) The constant swaying and starting and stopping didn’t help. Blergh.