Picturesque Leuven

Went walking around Leuven on a nice sunny day today. It was Sunday, so not as many people around. Although, because it was a nice sunny day (guess we don’t get that much around here), there were a lot of people at the park and other grassy areas sunbathing. The atmosphere here is very relaxed, chill. It’s kinda nice. Anyway, because it’s been a while since I’ve actually taken any decent pictures, thought I’d get back into it. Here’s a little photo tour of my new home.

The little river near my apartment

The building KUL originated out of. Super old – from the 1400’s.

Courtyard behind the super old building.

Seminary school(?) Not sure since I can’t read Dutch. Sigh.

Pretty red vines

In Leuven, there’s an area of old dwellings that’s been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO called the Beguinage. It used to be where sisterhoods of the Roman Catholic Church lived, but nowadays it has become housing for professors and students of KUL. It’s super quiet inside (except today there was some activity going on, so it was kinda noisy). There’s a courtyard that’s really peaceful and nice, too, but didn’t get a chance to take pictures.

Another view from inside the Bequinage

Church inside/beside the Bequinage.

River alongside the Bequinage.

EXISTENZ!!! yah, no idea.

And the following are my attempts at being artsy fartsy … I used to be all black and white, but lately I’ve been drawn to bright colors. I’ve matured. Hahahahahahaha …..


The street where I live.

So, that’s one part of Leuven. Still have the Centrum (St. Peter’s Church, City Hall, the library), train station, medical plaza, etc. to explore and take pictures of. Probably next Sunday. Maybe. If I can get off my lazy ass ……..