Picture of the Day – The Past

So because there’s been no recent photos taken that I haven’t posted, I’ve decided to reach into my (recent) past and grab a random picture. I’m hoping not all of you have seen my Flickr account. Heh.

Anyway, this picture was taken back in Feb. of this year. It’s in that little exhibition beneath one of the buildings near Taipei Main Station that showcases a little bit of the old days of Taiwan. The streets, decor, “stores” are all done in the old-fashioned way. Check out that old scooter! Interesting thing is that you can still see those scooters (some times) in the real streets of present day Taiwan. I liked the feel of the place, although the entrance fee was kind of expensive (I think 200nt), but they did provide a certain amount of coupons that you could spend in the exhibition itself. Kinda cool.