It’s a Beer Culture

I’ve noticed a pretty interesting thing here in Leuven. There’s beer EVERYWHERE. In the student cafeterias they sell beer. Today at Mcdonalds I noticed they were selling beer too. Oh man, definitely a beer culture here. It’s so normal to have beer being sold everywhere that they don’t even blink an eye. Coming from the U.S., this openness to alcohol still takes some getting used to. Even in Taiwan where the drinking age isn’t enforced (what is it anyway?), beer’s still not as accessible as compared to Belgium (well, unless you count 7-11). And! The beer here is better. Mmmhmmm.

So. Any beer fanatics out there? You should apply to KUL. Just not the human sexuality program, ok? Ok!

On an unrelated note, I am dying of allergies. I went to the laundromat today to do laundry, and either that place has way too much dust or something, it’s riled up my allergies like no tomorrow. Sigh. I think I’ve sneezed more than 20 times today. My brain is starting to leak out. Gross.

Speaking of laundromat, it was difficult understanding what needed to be done when everything was in Dutch. 😦 Thankfully there are nice peoples out there who are willing to help. Sigh. And the laundromat is a walk away. Sucks. And I used to think going from the second floor to the first floor to the laundry room in Gayley was a hassle. I shouldn’t have complained back then. T~T And it’s more expensive here too! Really shouldn’t have complained about the prices back in the States. Hah. Washing and drying cost me 6.80 Euro (~9.45 USD … holy mother). Definitely won’t be doing laundry THAT often. Will have to start handwashing. Sigh. Why is life here so tough? Why?!

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