Short Legs in a Long Legs Land

People here are tall. Really tall. Both the guys and the gals. It kind of sucks being short here. Why? Well, since the majority of people here are tall, a lot of the chairs, desks, cabinets, etc. are made for their height. For example, I find my legs dangling a lot when I’m out at a restaurant, on the metro, on the bus, and on the train. I have to sit at the edge of the seat to actually touch the ground with the bottom of my feet. Also, the medicine cabinet/mirror in my bathroom is so tall that I can only see the top half of my face (read: forehead). I’ve found it to be useful when plucking my eyebrows :P. There’s also a mirror on the inside of one of my cabinet doors, but the cabinet is so high up that I can’t really see myself in that mirror. Hence I went out and bought a mirror and made sure it didn’t hang too high.

My short legs have never really been a problem (except for the toilet in our studio back in LA, which was really high for some odd reason) until now. ‘Tis quite sad, I must say.