Today was another trip into Brussels. More mothers gathering for lunch (Japanese food today – yum!), and I get to tag along. I get good food, so I ain’t complaining. I also bought nail polish! Yes! I didn’t bring any from Taiwan because I seriously had no space in my luggage, and I thought I could do without nail polish for at least three months (until I go to D.C.), but I thought wrong. I don’t know. My nails just look so blank and sad without some color! Well, I only bought one – copperish bronze. Once my mom leaves, time to go buy some black. MUA. HA. HA. HA. 🙂

Oh. So another addition to my short legs in a long leg land – Boots! I mentioned earlier that I went out and bought a pair, but that was after looking at all these different stores with all these different boots. Why was it so hard to find a pair? Well, price was the main concern. But there was another one! All the boots were so tall (not the heels, but the leg part) that if I wore it, they’d have gone past my knees. Woe. My legs are too short! Ahhhhh. So we wandered around trying to find a pair that was decent in price and not too tall so I didn’t end up unable to bend my knees. Sigh. The pair that I finally settled on was actually located in a clothing store, not even a shoe store. Hah! And it’s the perfect height for me (I hope it’s not meant to be an ankle boot for the people here since that would be REALLY sad for me. No, I mean REALLY REALLY sad.).

Another difference that I’ve noticed is that people here tend to always look impeccably dressed for class. I mean, in UCLA we had those girls who put on tons of make up and wore short skirts with Uggs, but in general we were a campus of jeans, tshirt, and a UCLA hoodie. Or even just rolling out of bed and going to class still in PJs. But not so here. My fellow program-mates are ok. Jeans and well, not tshirts because it’s cold here, but some kind of long sleeved shirt. But when I’m walking to class or even just around Leuven, I can’t help but notice that the girls have like, make up on and are wearing stylish clothes, etc. I feel even more … immature or child-like here. Hah! Not to mention short. Yup. The girls here are tall already, but they also wear heeled boots, which makes them even taller!

Maybe UCLA isn’t the norm and other universities in the States or even Taiwan have girls showing up to class with impeccable makeup and clothes. Yes? No? Anybody? Anybody?