Gent & Excessive Picture Taking

We went to Gent (another city in Belgium), and boy is that city super scenic. I took more than 200 pictures, which I whittled down to 200 after looking through them on my computer. I think I take too many pictures, mostly because I’m not sure how they’ll turn out. Looking at the picture on the tiny little LCD screen and on the computer monitor are two different things. So, to be on the safe side, I take a bajillion photos of the same thing and just keep the best one when I get home. Thankfully my memory card is big enough to let me do that. I used to only have a 1 gig on my old Sony, and it was never enough.

Anyway, today was a beautiful day! Super sunny and blue skies with wisps of cloud here and there. It was perfect for sitting beside the river in Gent and enjoying a meal and some coffee. Also perfect for a boat tour of the old city. And definitely a perfect day for me to be snapping pictures here and there. It also helps that the buildings and surrounding just makes you want to take out your camera and snap away. More than ever I wish I had bought a DSLR (as much as I love my Fujifilm). But, I’ll just have to make do with my digital camera.

When we arrived at Gent, we first looked around its flea market. There were a lot of things I wish I had the money to buy (and the place to store). Old school boxes, metal wall hangings, really old and probably non-usable 8mm film cameras, dishes, figurines, really old and rusty tools, old instruments, and many more objects people brought out to sell. There were also lots of old books that just look awesome (since I can’t read them because they’re all in French or Dutch). The stuff there were so old and dusty that I got allergies just walking through the open air flea market. Crazy! But so cool. One of these days, I’m going to go back and look at it some more and maybe collect some small things that I can easily bring back to Taiwan (and aren’t too pricey). One of those metal wall hangings cost about 7.5 Euros (kind of pricey), and I really wanted to get one, but I refrained. Sigh. Next time! My mom and I walked away with a metal spoon because I need one. It cost 1 Euro. I think that’s why my mom decided to buy it. Hah!

Then we went to the old harbor (panorama picture up there). There were all these people chilling alongside the river/canal. So relaxing, so chill. If only everyday was a day like today (weather-wise). We ate lunch there while soaking up the sun. It felt really nice. Then took a boat tour. Then wandered around the city some more. Then left! Short version of the trip.

Will post pictures later because I am too lazy to choose appropriate ones to upload and to actually upload them. 🙂 Enjoy the panorama!