Gent (Picture Entry)

First we stumbled across a bird/hamster/rabbit Market – so many cute furry animals. I saw chinchillas, ferrets, hamsters, and all sorts of birds, like these. So noisy.

Then we wandered into a flea market. Didn’t get many pictures because I was too busy looking at awesome old things.

Following are pictures taken along the boat tour. I don’t remember what the buildings are anymore. Beside the obvious church and castle buildings, there were also some fish market, meat market, and … other ones. Just old buildings in general. 😛

Gent’s version of the Big Ben

People of Gent were known as the noose carriers because back in the good old days, people who were unable to or did not pay their taxes were punished by wearing a noose around their neck and parading around downtown as a form of public humiliation. Scary.


This boat was imported from Bangladesh. Kind of gondola-like.

Oldest remaining building with a wooden facade.

The tour boat guide referred this as the Gent Skyline – three gothic-styled buildings one after another.

Can never escape the Mcd’s

Ham. Random.