Messed up Weird European Weather

I’ve forgotten how ADD European weather is.

This morning I wake up (at 730, sigh) and it’s pretty cold and drizzly. Then, we go to Brussels, and it’s cloudy with some blue skies and sun shining through, so it’s relatively warm. Then, it starts pouring like no tomorrow with the sun shining in the distance (wtf?!). Then, we get back to Leuven, and stepping out of the train station my mom says, “well, the weather here is pretty good – look, the floor is dry!” And we see some blue skies in the distance. Then, two seconds later it starts raining. =.= THEN! We’re five minutes away from home, and the clouds clear and blue skies and the bright sun comes out. And it is hot and blinding because of the wet cobblestoned streets reflecting sunlight (see above picture). And right now, it’s getting cold again. ALL THIS IN A DAY. I’m surprised it’s not SNOWING. (Just watch.)

Sigh. It makes deciding what to wear in the mornings a difficult task. I known I should layer, but then I’m too lazy to have to take clothes off and carry them around. So I normally end up either overdressing (like today, wearing a sweater, a vest, and a thick jacket) or underdressing (hoodie and tshirt). Blah.