Coffee <3

There’s an old-school coffee making machine here called Belgium Coffee Maker (aka Vacuum Coffe Maker), which used to be made in Belgium but has now been outsourced to Portugal. But it’s so cool. It’s kind of hard to explain how it works, but basically on the glass container side you put the coffee grounds in and pour water in the metallic container side. The water side is a vacuum and is heated by the little candle on the bottom. So when the water heats up, it goes to the coffee ground side and then the coffee that’s made goes back to the water side. Then you pour out the coffee via the spigot (so cute).

Okay … that was confusing, huh? And I’m not sure how it actually does all that (like the mechanisms and whatnot), but it’s super pretty (:D) and super cool. I wish we had one, but it costs like 300 Euros or more, and they’re no longer sold as widely because everyone likes to use those Espresso Machines now.

Better than my lousy attempt at describing how it works … Ha! Just turn off the sound because the music is .. eh … and the demonstration starts around 0:25. So coo!