Finally I’ve gotten around to cleaning up my room and taking pictures. Was supposed to be studying, oops. 😛

The bunk area – originally the top’s supposed to be the bed and the bottom a sofa. But I’m getting old and disliking having to climb up and down when I go to bed or have to pee in the middle of the night. Hah. So I switched it around. Bed on bottom, sofa (kind of) on top. There’s a shelf up there, so I can’t put the back up, so it’s just wasted space for now. But! It’s bed for those of you who want to visit me *hint hint nudge nudge*! The white thing next to the bed is a freezer where all the yum food my mom cooked me is stored.

Kitchen area. Kind of small and messy, but, don’t know how to make it not so messy. It’s as organized as it will get!

Window. Or door rather. My room faces the west, so in the afternoon, the sun shines in. When there’s sun anyway. But it’s nice, I can get a nice tan just sitting at my desk. Hah! But the only bad thing is I have to hide all the food and medicine, so they don’t get shine on and melt or something. Sigh.

Desk area! My little cubbie holes. I’m not sure if I’m satisfied with how I’ve organized things (it’s already been re-organized twice), but it’ll do for now. Seems so messy still. I have too much random junk. Argh!

The bathroom. Sigh. The worst part of my studio. Haha. The sink is leaky. AHHH!! And yes, I told the landlord who said that a lot of people are having this problem, so it might take some time for them to come around and fix mine. =.= Sigh. One of my main priorities when looking for a studio was the bathroom too. Blah. I hate bathrooms.

View from my room – the left hand side. =)

View from my room. The people to the right have little gardens. So cute. =P

So! That’s my room. We’ll see how long it stays this organized/clean. 🙂