Sunset Colors

At around 5, my room was getting darker and darker because I hadn’t turned on the light (lazy), and I realized there was a pinkish glow coming in. I look outside, and the color was absolutely gorgeous. So of course I took pictures. I didn’t enhance or anything, that’s just how the color really was. So so so beauuuutiful.

On another note, I am cold. I turned on the heater, but heat doesn’t dissipate very well, it just stays localized to where the heater is. Ugh. I have half the mind to just sit right next to heater, except the floor is cold. I think I need to switch places with the printer. So the picture below is what I look like, in my own apartment (yup, hoodie and scarf). Sigh. And they say this is just the beginning of winter (*tears*). I just might turn into a popsicle.