On the train ride to Ottignie, on the way to Namur with my friend, I was stupid and left my camera on the train. By the time I realized, the door of our train to Namur had closed and we were on our way. Haven’t heard anything from the station since, so chances of recovery are null. 😦 Waaaah. I’m still beating myself up over it occasionally. I mean, it was a really nice camera, and I had it only for 6 months. Gaaaaah. Now I feel naked because I normally carry my camera everywhere. Sometimes I’m like, ooo, that would make a nice picture. But now they’re just pictures in my mind. Which means I’ll forget about them the next day. Sigh.

Anyway, no point in dwelling on that, I guess. Must move on.

Namur’s a really beautiful city, especially on a sunny, warm day (shock! in Feburary?!). My friend and I just went without a map or tour book or anything. So when we stepped out of the station, we were like, uh, where do we go? What do we do? Which way’s the city? Wandering around a bit, we found the citadel, which was pretty hard to miss once you get out of the building-filled area since it stood on a pretty tall hill. We made that our destination and had a nice hike up the huge hill and surrounding areas. Thankfully my friend had her camera with her.

Pre-citadel, city shots:

Churches, cathedrals can be found everywhere, and Namur was no different. When we were wandering around, we decided to head in directions of churches since that meant there was a square or market place near it. This church allowed us to see the citadel. 😀

There’s a river that runs through Namur, which makes the city even more scenic, especially with the citadel being on the other side.

View of the city from the citadel, but this was when we had only started to climb. Nowhere near the top, so you can’t see as much yet. But the citadel itself was so peaceful and quiet. And even though it was a really nice Saturday, there weren’t as many people as I would have expected. Later, when we wandered into the center of the town, we noticed that’s where everyone went. Shopping time! 😛

Views from the top. So pretty!

Old living quarters in the citadel.

Unfortunately, a lot of the pictures of the citadel itself didn’t turn out as well. But! I bought some postcards while we were there, and this one is a pretty nice artist’s rendition of the place. 🙂

(All pictures were taken by my friend, Mireya. Nice shots :P)