Home for the Last Two Years

Recently we had our proclamation, and the four of us in the English Masters for Human Sexuality passed. Which means …. we’ve all graduated! Woot. Can’t believe I have a masters degree. It doesn’t feel right when I still consider myself a kid. Ah, I’m in denial.

After the proclamation, we decided to take some last pictures in one of the classrooms we spent most of our time in. Ridiculously large room when the class only had the 4 of us. More fitting when we were taking courses with Erasmus students, so there were more people to fill in the seats.

The coffee & snack machines that saved our lives more than once. Especially for early morning classes that meant no time to prepare coffee at home. Also when the courses are in the afternoon after lunch. Very important. We were always sad when the machine broke down, me especially, since I’m pretty much addicted to coffee. If I don’t get my cup a day, the whole day is pretty much pointless.

Outside the building that day. Blue skies, bright sun, and green trees. Way different from the winter when the sky is gray, overcast, and rainy 9 times out of 10, and the trees are all bare.

I will miss this place. No doubt about it. Too many memories.