A couple weeks ago, the boy’s friend organized a Spanish night for her company, but didn’t have enough attendees, so asked the boy if he and his friends would like to join. Of course we jumped at the chance. There was a tour through the Beguinage with a tour guide telling us the history of the place, which is very interesting. Basically the women living there weren’t nuns. The original women were there because they didn’t want to be forced to marry unsuitable men during the Crusades. So they established these Beguinages, which had protection from the Vatican, but they weren’t exactly nuns.

Anyway, very interesting tour. But the best part was possibly the paella the tour guide made. Although our guide was from Belgium, he was very familiar with Spain and even spoke Spanish. He had a restaurant on the Ring in Leuven, which we all went to afterwards, and he introduced us to the proper way of cooking paella. I’ve forgotten what exactly it is, but it tasted fantastic, as you can probably tell from the pictures.

After the dinner, most of the boy’s friend’s colleagues had left with just us group of friends left, and the guide/chef opened up a few bottles of red wine on the house. More interesting was that he continued to talk about the history of Belgium and other parts of Europe, of which he was very knowledgeable about. Most of it has been forgotten thanks to the alcohol, but it was definitely an experience that I enjoyed greatly and will never forget.

Pictures are courtesy of my friend as I did not think to bring my camera. Thankfully she did, or else I would have no photographic memory of this event. Enjoy!