Summer Cinema

Outdoor cinemas are a new thing for me. The only other kind of outdoor cinema I’ve heard of (but never partook in) are the drive-in theaters in the States. Otherwise, the only cinemas I’ve ever been to are indoors with air-conditioning and cushion-y seats. Last night, the boy took me to a summer cinema to watch Get Him to the Greek, which had its funny moments (“I’m eating my head! Nom”). It was actually a nice experience. The night was cool enough that it wasn’t hot nor was it too chilly for me either. The only downside to the experience was probably the mosquitoes. I was being eaten alive! But that’s probably also because of my unpreparedness. I was in a skirt and tank top, so I had an ample amount of skin showing, advertising myself to the mosquitoes. After the movie, I think i had more than 5 mosquito bites, and during the movie I was constantly scratching myself. But I got wise halfway and stuck my legs up, trying to cover it all with me knee-length skirt. Couldn’t manage, of course, so a couple of my toes got nommed on. Itchy itchy. The other downside was the smoking, but luckily there wasn’t many people, so the smoke was manageable. But aside from that, it was actually really nice watching the movie outside with a cool breeze while munching on popcorn. Wouldn’t mind doing it again, although will definitely have to be more prepared … bug repellants!