Back to Taiwan

I had a fantastic summer spent in Greece and Serbia (and Belgium), but to write about it now is a bit too emotionally painful. Instead, I will just focus on the present.

I’m back in Taiwan after two years in Belgium now that the Masters is finished. Not sure if coming back’s a good idea, but regardless, here I am.

Cycling is pretty popular in Taiwan right now. Well, it has been for some time, and with the amount of people I see out riding, it’s still pretty popular. My dad and sister had been going biking every weekend and wanted to continue doing so. However, my mom and I didn’t have bikes, so before I came back, they bought two new bicycles. This weekend was my first time riding in a long while. It wasn’t as intense as it could be because my mom is also pretty out of shape, so we took it slow. We rode along the banks of a river, which the Taipei government has done a very good job in making it into a scenic walking and biking path. There was so many people, though, making it more challenging to navigate. But nothing like a challenge, right? Anyway, I, of course, took my sister’s camera along (P&S, lots lighter than my DSLR) and took some pictures.

The three nice bikes! My dad’s was a cheaper one, so it was ignored. Heh. Mine’s the black one.

The final destination on Saturday. Xiao Bi Tan. We just stopped for a rest and then headed home since it was getting darker and darker.

On a side note, have to get used to night time falling earlier again. I quite liked how it got dark super late in Belgium during the summer.

Sunset colors in Taipei.

We went in the opposite direction on Sunday and saw a dead fish. Lovely.