Yi-Lan ~ Lan Yang Museum

On Friday, we went on a day-long trip with the dad’s office (minus the dad since he was working) to Yi-Lan. I have to admit the day passed by pretty hazily since we had to wake up at 6 and didn’t get to drink coffee until some time after lunch. In other words, we were shuttled from location to location and much of what happened in between remains unknown to me since I was asleep. Even at each location I’m probably going to have issues remembering what we saw, what happened, etc. But I shall try to recollect, nonetheless.

First stop was the Lan Yang Museum. Architecturally, it’s quite stunning. The exhibits, though, were okay. They introduced the area, but a lot of it were models of the flora and fauna and life of the people who lived there. I can understand using models to show the people, especially the people of the past and their lifestyles, but somehow I think it would be more interesting if they could actually have live specimens of their flora and fauna. But I think it just opened recently, so maybe there’ll be more to the museum later on.

I think it was also not so impressive (the exhibits) because we were given so little time there (an hour), so we didn’t have much time to read the descriptions and actually absorb what we were seeing. Rather we were running from place to place, taking pictures, and just not paying much attention. Also it was too early in the morning for education (for me at least, heh). But like I said, the museum itself was really nice and the area around/behind it was also very pretty. Would make for a good wedding location, I think.

The outside of the Lan Yang Museum.

Looking up from the main hall.

The main hall, first floor. So much natural light!

The view from the uppermost floor. You can see the sea! Sort of.

Behind the museum were these waterways. Really pretty.

Ducks were chilling in the water on the hot and humid day.

Purple flowers with bit of blue in them in the water areas.