Yi-Lan ~ Mei Hua Lake

After the Lan Yang Museum, we went to Mei Hua (aka Chinese Plum Flower) Lake. Also where we ate the peanut candy & ice cream from the previous entry. We only stayed on one side of the lake in the shade of the patio since it was noon-ish when we arrived there, and the sun was deadly. It’s a really pretty place with a lot of fish and ducks swimming around. When they see people show up on the patio, they all swarm over because they’re expecting to be fed. And some of the people on our tour group obliged, especially the little kids. Aside from the animals, the lake itself was really green, I think because of the surrounding green mountains. So much green! But really pretty, and it would have been nice to ride the bicycle around the lake, but there was no time. I think we were only there for half an hour. Just enough time to take pictures.

Lake. The water was so green.

Bath time!

Ducks swim in formation as well.

So many fish!

Chasing fish.