Yi-Lan ~ King Car Group

King Car Group (金車關係事業) owns quite a few well-known brands in Taiwan, like Mr. Brown Coffee as well as Kavalan Whiskey. We visited their Kavalan Whiskey distillery, first stopping at their main building to have a presentation of all the different companies and products they own. I kind of fell asleep during the presentation because I was so tired and the chairs in the theater were so comfortable. Too bad the presentation only lasted 15 minutes. Heh. But one thing I do remember is that they have their own orchid growing place. Pretty pretty. Then, after that we went to one of their whiskey distilleries for a super quick tour. There were so many people, not just from our tour group, but a couple others as well.

This seems to be a very popular place to visit. I think they’re all there just for the whiskey tasting session, which was after the fast tour. The whiskey was alright, but then again, I’m not a fan of malt whiskey. The whole thing took about an hour, then my mom wanted to buy some whiskies, so her and her friends ended up buying six total, with four of them being for us. Heh. But! It’s not all for us. My uncle wanted two bottles, so in reality we only have two bottles. Although why we have two is beyond me since my sister and I don’t like whiskey, my mom generally doesn’t drink any alcohol, and my dad is supposed to cut down on his alcohol intake. But meh, guess it’s for future guests!

Main building

The insides.

Whiskey Distillery

From right to left: beginning, middle, and end of fermentation.

Whiskey tasting.