Yi-Lan ~ Wang Long Bei

Last stop before heading back to Taipei was to another lake area called Wang Long Bei. Apparently a Taiwanese drama was filmed here called 下一站,幸福 (Next stop, Happiness). Never saw it, so I have on idea where exactly they filmed, but oh well. It was pretty! But way too hot to do more than a small round around the lake. It was pretty uneventful until half way when a little kid hit his head on the edge of a concrete bench and basically busted his head. So the tour guide had to take the kid and mom to the hospital, but they didn’t have a car. Luckily close by there was an elementary school and the principle was really nice and drove them to the hospital. Another person in our tour group was also originally from the area, so he had a friend who would lend him his car so that the principle wouldn’t have to stay at the hospital with them. It all sounded nice and dandy until the borrowed car got into an accident. So the poor principle had to stay at the hospital and then help out at the police station since the other driver called the cops. Ah, so complicated. So complex. All we knew was that we were waiting for the bus for a while, and then on the bus we were waiting for phone calls to tell us what to do. Finally, we headed back to Taipei an hour after the originally designated time. But at least everyone arrived home safe and sound in the end. Eventful end to our day-long trip, for sure.

Wang Long Bei

No idea what butterfly this is, but pretty!

Little cafe.

Chickens next to the little cafe.

Construction on the small boardwalk.

Construction on the small boardwalk.

Cloudy mountains in the distance.