Best Way to Cool Down

One thing I’ve definitely missed from Taiwan is mango milk shaved ice. It’s exactly what it says: shaved ice with a liberal amount of condensed milk poured over it and real mango cubes on top. This is probably my most favorite dessert ever. And it’s perfect way to cool down. Even though it’s still hot and humid, after eating the shaved ice, I still felt a chill when the wind blew. Of course, 5 minutes after finishing the ice, it’s back to being hot and sweaty and icky. But hey, any reprieve from the heat is welcome!

Look at all that mango goodness.

My dad got a different kind. Basically shaved ice with some sugary syrup and you get to pick 4 different toppings. I forgot what my dad chose, and it’s not entirely obvious in the picture either. It’s good! But not as good as my mango ice. 😛

Shaved ice with syrup and four different toppings