Flower Market

Sister’s friend wanted to go to the Jian Guo Flower Market (建國假日花市) to buy some soil for her plants as well as new plants. We decided to tag along since I’ve never been. The places is pretty big. It’s under a bridge that during the week is normally a parking lot and transforms to a flower market on the weekends. There are different stalls that sell different plants. My sister walked away with some cacti with different colored flowers (that we just found out are actually inserted by the sellers and not really part of the cactus like we originally thought. wahh~~~). Really cute and pretty. My sister’s friend walked away with a lot more than she had planned to buy. Two different types of cacti: one which is tall and white and one that is small, round, and has red and yellow on it; a pot of lavandin (hybrid of true lavender and another type of lavender); and really tiny pots. Of what she had planned to buy, she only got soil. All the other plants she wanted to buy weren’t being sold because it’s not their season just yet.

Anyway, it was pretty awesome, seeing all the different kinds of flowers being sold, especially all the different orchids. So pretty! I haven’t had much success with growing plants in the past (although I did manage to keep an orchid alive back in Belgium; it even bloomed last summer!). I currently have a pot of (after some googling) Haworthia emelyae. Will see how that goes and maybe grow more plants if it survives. 😛

The market area. Quite long!

Lots of cacti being sold.


Sister's 4 different colored fake flowers cacti.