Dubu House 涓豆腐

I’ve always been a fan of Korean food, and ever since having soondubu in LA, I’ve been hooked onto those tofu pots. My mom’s friend treated us to Korean food at Dubu House, which seemed pretty popular. We went during lunch on a weekday, and the place was packed, not just with business men/women on their lunch breaks but also families. The food was not bad, except for the spicy chicken with rice cakes (no pictures). That was too spicy and did not have very many rice cakes (which is why we ordered it in the first place!). Other than that, their re-fillable appetizer dishes along with the seafood pancake and soondubu were pretty good. My sister and I shared a seafood soondubu, which is probably not a good idea for us to get in Taiwan because there were so many oysters in it, and we are not fans of oysters. Ended up just giving all our oysters to our mom. Next time will just have to get regular soondubu with meat.

The restaurant.

All you can eat appetizers! The pan-fried tofu was nom. Kimchi a bit too spicy.

Rice in hot stone bowls.

Seafood soondubu. Looks spicy, is spicy!

Seafood pancake filled with seafood.

Deep fried oysters. Didn't try it since I'm not a fan. Looked good, though.

Dessert tofu (different from regular tofu) with black sugar sauce. Difficult to translate.