Walking along Zhongxiao East Road ….

After the Korean lunch from the previous post, the sister and I walked around the East Side (東區). We went to Eslite (bookstore) and visited the little shops and the stationery store. So many things we wanted to buy but were too expensive and don’t have that much money to spend. Sadness. Shopping in the area always elicits such a feeling from us.

Bears in the mall.

Expresses the sister's feelings exactly. She wanted to take it home.

There was a little park area in the middle of the wide road separating the two different flows of traffic. As decoration, they had put random art pieces along the walkway. The nice thing was that with all those green trees, there were many birds resting in the branches and leaves. While walking along, we were accompanied by birds singing. Not very often can I hear the birds nowadays. One of the things I miss a lot about Leuven.

Flags along the road are there because Double Ten Day (Taiwan's National Celebration Day) is fast approaching.

Random chair decoration art stuff thing along the pathway.

Birdcage at the end of the pathway. With a tree inside.

Ah no! Stuck in the birdcage!

Decoration outside of Sogo. Wish real leaves in Taiwan would change color in the fall.