All You Can Eat – Thai

This past weekend our cousin decided to treat us to all you can eat Thai food. I will first say that all-you-can-eat Thai food is totally wasted on me. I spend most of the time drinking Thai iced tea and eating rice to offset the spiciness in pretty much all the dishes. Which means, I get full really fast without eating much. My spiciness tolerance is very low. Much sadness because I LOVE Thai food; it might be one of my favorite foods. That being said, I didn’t like the food at this restaurant that much. It just didn’t really have a Thai flavor to it. There were a few dishes that were not bad, but the others were disappointing.

The way the restaurant works is you order the dishes and keep ordering until you’re full. We ordered quite a bit; there are 16 dishes pictured here, but there were repeats that I didn’t take pictures of and also some dishes that I didn’t have time to take pictures of before they were eaten. I would say we ate at least 20 dishes if not more. There were seven of us. Plus, they had all you can eat salad and fruit/dessert bar (although the selection wasn’t that great) and drinks (Thai iced tea, different sodas, coffee, etc.). We went on the weekend, so it was a bit more pricy than going during the weekday, although since the cousin treated, I didn’t really pay attention to the price. I think it’s standard all you can eat price, though, around 450 nt.

The outside.

Thinly sliced pork with veggies.

Curry crab with glass noodles.

Ground pork with basil. Spicy, but good, probably the best dish that day.

Thai-styled fried chicken.

Raw shrimp (didn't try)

Shrimp cake. One of the few non-spicy dishes.

BBQ beef.

Pineapple fried rice.

Steamed fish.

Cold seafood salad.

Yellow chicken curry.

Frog (definitely didn't try, not a fan of frog meat)

Stir-fried beef.

Curry shrimp with glass noodles.

Shrimp in curry with crab eggs.