Traditional Market

Near Dingxi MRT station, there’s a really long stretch of traditional market. Prior to Sunday, the only times we’ve walked through it was when it was closed, so we didn’t really know what it was like. We normally buy groceries at a traditional market near our home, which is much smaller, but has everything we need. Anyway, on Sunday we decided to walk through it on our way home. Luckily it was in the afternoon when the stalls were starting to close, so there were less people. Otherwise, in the morning, the place is packed. There were lots of different stalls selling different or similar things. Clothes, veggies, meat, seafood/fish, snacks, knock-off fashion stuff, etc.

Sunday afternoon, less people at the market.

Live chickens in the chicken-meat stall :\

Veggies for sale~

Totally unrelated to the market, but near our home, there’s a small coffee stand where we normally buy our coffee. After the market, we went there to grab our daily dose of coffee, and there was a corgi there. We see it sometimes, but Sunday was the first day we got to play with it for a little bit. So cute. Short little legs, big ears, no tail. Eeeeeeee …… But difficult to get a good picture of because it was constantly moving. When it lied down on its tummy, its two (short) hind legs spread out behind him. So cute!

Enjoying a scratching from me mom.

Butt. No tail. SO CUTE.