My mom won’t let us (sis and I) get any pets, especially dogs or cats, since she thinks we’ll throw all the responsibility of cleaning and taking care of it at her. Not true! The last time we did that was because we were like 6 years old =.= And my sister has had a hamster since then, which she took care of all by herself. I’ve had some fishies and a snake … Ok, they were my at-the-time roomie’s, but I helped in taking care of them! But noooo, not allowed, she says. Bah! Now I want a beta fish, since they’re pretty and don’t require much space and effort. Will have to do some persuading.

Anyway, this rant is somewhat related to this entry. 😛 The other day we went with the sister’s friend to a fish store where she normally frequents and buys her fishies and supplies. It had many different kinds of fish, frogs, turtles, shrimps, crabs, etc. There was also a puffer fish, and since sister’s friend knows the boss, she had him piss off the puffer so that it’d blow up. So cool! Of course I took pictures and a video. 🙂 Enjoy!

Lots of different fish.

Teeny tiny fishies.

Pre-pist off.

The boss rubbed and rolled the fish with his hands until it puffed up. Didn’t get to capture the point where it went from deflated to inflated (*sad face*). Anyway, recommend turning off the sound unless you want to hear the sister say, “so round!” in Chinese.

Post-pissed off

So round! Like a soccer ball.

Female beta fish. So pretty!