MRT Neihu Line

Taitronics (Taipei International Electronics Show) 2010 is happening this week. Well, I think it’s over now (Thursday was the last day). The dad had some free tickets thanks to his work, so the sister and I decided to go check it out since it was in the new-ish exhibition hall in Nangang, and we had never taken the MRT Neihu Line all the way there. We decided to give it a try ……… Okay, that’s not entirely true. We didn’t do our research well and thought the exhibition was more like a computer/electronics exhibition. So we wanted to go see what kind of stuff they were selling (and maybe buy some things). Boy, were we wrong. It was mostly component parts that are probably more useful for manufacturers of electronics rather than the end-user products. Nangang is actually quite for from where we live; it took us an hour to get from the exhibition hall back to our home with the MRT.

So, to brainwash ourselves into thinking it wasn’t a complete waste of time, we just told ourselves that it was totally worth the trip to take the MRT Neihu Line for the first time to the exhibition hall and took tons of pictures. We were in the first carriage thingy, and since it’s driver-less, we had a nice big window with perfect view of the outside in the front. Great for taking pictures! 😀

Inside the carriage the seats are few and the space is small.

The MRT passes by the Songshan Airport. Planes!

Passing through a not-entirely-enclosed tunnel.

Passing by the mountains~

More mountain scenery~

More mountains!

The hand outside the exhibition hall. No idea what it's supposed to symbolize.

As the MRT approached the final stop of the exhibition hall ...

The Nangang Exhibition Hall. So big!

Inside the first floor of Taitronics.