Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned going to a Chinese painting exhibition at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall by my aunt’s Chinese painting teacher. Well, it kind of spurred the sister and I’s interest in learning it. My aunt suggested we attend one of her classes to see what it’s like and if we would like to learn from her teacher. So on Wednesday, we went to Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall where her lessons take place. Unfortunately, her teacher that day had to go meet some curator from Philadelphia, so we had a substitute teacher. That teacher taught techniques that had more of a western influence that the students could incorporate into their Chinese paintings. It was very interesting, and we took home some new ideas to incorporate into our own drawings, but it didn’t really give us an idea of what Chinese painting is like, so we may have to attend another class next week to see what traditional Chinese painting is like.

Anyway, I took the opportunity while we were at the Memorial Hall to take some pictures. When we left the class, it just happened to be the changing of the guards and the water show in the fountain outside the hall. Woo, yay for good timing!

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.

Changing of the guards and the tourists looking on. Complete silence in the place aside from the guards' well-rehearsed movements.

Standing very, very still.

Guarding Taiwan's founding father.

Making sure everything is in the right place. Once the guards are up there, they can't make a movement.

Future bride taking her wedding photos. The dress color is pretty!

A little video of the water show. The whole thing lasted much longer; we didn’t even stay for the whole thing. It was way too hot to be standing there looking at it. There was music that went along as well.


Pretty flowers lined the fountain.

There were lots of pigeons chilling around as well. This male pigeon was chasing the female pigeon around. Courtship behavior, woo!