Puzzle Fun

Back when my parents were still in Maryland, I bought a 1000-piece Tigger photomosaic puzzle for my mom to do since she said she didn’t have anything to do. However, she didn’t do it. Of course. So they shipped it back to Taiwan with the rest of their stuff. A couple of weeks ago our internet decided to crap out on us, so my sister and I decided to do the puzzle. On a side note, I’m not sure how people lived without internet before its invention, but it’s definitely difficult for us to be without internet nowadays. And it was over the weekend as well, so nobody would be coming out to fix it for us until Monday (*super sad face*). Anyway, it took us about a week to finish since it was my first time doing any puzzle, no less such so big and complicated one. I kept saying, “It’s difficuuuuult.” But we did have motivation to finish it, even after our internet was fixed. We started it the day before my dad left for his long trip to Geneva and Indonesia, and before he left, he said we couldn’t finish it before he came back. SO! The challenge had been placed, and we had to prove him wrong. And we did! We finished it a few hours before he got back (*victory sign*). The final product~

Photomosaic of Tigger

When we went to Eslite to a puzzle place to get it framed, my sister laid eyes on another puzzle and decided to get it. This time it was 1500 pieces, and we thought it would be more difficult. Even though the Tigger puzzle was a photomosaic, the easy part is that you could tell from the small pictures within each piece which way was the right side up. Then all you really had to do when you were stuck was try out specific pieces that should fit. This new puzzle wasn’t a photomosaic, so that trick didn’t work since we didn’t know which way was right side up. Therefore, we had to go by color and constant comparing with the poster it came with. But surprisingly, we finished it in less than two days. Improvement!

Process of producing a book~

But now my mom has forbidden us to get anymore puzzles, since there’ll soon be no place to hang them. Sigh. So there goes our temporary obsession with puzzles. Maybe there’ll be more in the future. But it was fun while it lasted!