Shin Yeh – Japanese Buffet

I think this is slowly turning into a food blog. ^O^Y Can’t help it. I love food! Anyway, the mom’s been telling me about this Japanese buffet place (called Shin Yeh or 欣葉) near Taipei Main Station that she and her friends go to. Lunch during the week is, of course, the cheapest; including service fee, it’s 680 nt per person. But man, lots of options, lots of sushi, all you can drink plum wine, red wine, white wine, amongst other beverages and desserts! … I think it can be worth the money if you eat a lot. As for us, I think we’re getting old. Used to be able to eat plate after plate of buffet food when we were in Indonesia, but nowadays, my stomach has shrank *sad face*. But anyway, food picture time~

The view from our seats. Pretty high up. Rain rain rain rain ... sigh.

My first plate. The cold noodles were super yummy!

And … the following plates aren’t all mine. Now that I look at the pictures, we really didn’t eat that much. But we were full to the point that none of us ate dinner except for a tiny bowl of soup that night. =.=

Super massive oyster! About the size of your palm. Mom ate it; I'm not so much a fan of oysters. The drink behind is plum wine; good, but definitely not very alcoholic.

Hand rolls. Mom and sis got fish eggies and me the shrimp.

Salmon sushi ... NOM!

Tempura! From right to left: sweet potato, shrimp, another shrimp, mushrooms, and across the top is a type of veggie that I have no idea what the English name is. Not bad, although the shrimp on the right was a little bit too much flour and too little shrimp.

Different types of mushrooms, fish chin (direct translation, not sure what the English is), and other goodies.

Steak. Not bad.

More goodies~

Salmon sushi and edamame. My favorites! On a plate! Together! My sister and I were in front of the sushi dude, and there was only one piece of salmon sushi left. He saw us looking at it longingly on our plate and was like, do you guys want more? We were like YES! Please!

Passion fruit sour-y goodness. Nommers.

They had a chocolate fountain! With dark chocolate! Oh em gee. But they didn't have any bananas and their apples were of the mushy type. Also, the marshmallow candy + chocolate was a little bit too sweet for our tastes. If only they had bananas.

Dessert~ Some of the many options they had. The middle is banana pie. Super yum~ Too bad at the end we're always too full to enjoy the desserts to their fullest potentials. The one on the right is cheese-type pudding. We thought the orange sauce was mango or passion fruit, but alas, we were mistaken; it was melon. Disappointing, to say the least.