Belgian Beer in Taiwan!

One of the things I miss most about Belgium (aside from the people!) is the beer; the many, many selections of beer. We found Barbar at RT-Mart the other day, and that made me super happy. Then yesterday, while chilling with some high school friends, my sister took us to this cafe/bar in Shi-Da Night Market (Cafe Bastille) that has a wide selection of Belgian beers. They even had one of my favorites, Kasteel brown. Such a happy discovery. It’s pricey, especially for Taiwanese standards (~195 – 220 nt), but having one once in a while might not be so bad. Thank goodness for Taiwanese people who have the idea to import beers from Belgium. Phew~

Huge list of Belgium beers, some of which I'd never heard of or come across in Belgium, too.

One of two fridges filled with beers. Nom nom nom.

Kasteel, Westmalle, Delirium Nocturnum

Mad Bitch. Never heard of this one, but it was not bad. Had a flower-y or fruit-y taste to it.

Smoked cheese on cracker. Super good!