Cha for Tea

Today’s lunch was in the Ximenting area at Cha for Tea (喫茶趣), which is part of the Tenren Tea (天仁茗茶) brand. I’d never eaten there before, but the mom said it was not bad. They had different set menus with different prices, ranging from 310 nt to 580 nt, as well as a la carte choices. The food’s not bad, and it filled up with people really fast. Seems to be a popular place. But their teas are still the best! Love their boba milk tea. It’s hard to describe in words why it’s so great, but their bobas are chewy and their teas just don’t taste like all the other boba places. Super yum!

Pickled cabbage.

Leek pot stickers. Quite yum~

Wonton soup.

Green tea noodles with wontons and mushrooms.


Rice with assorted veggies, like mushrooms, taro, etc.

Dessert! Milk tea boba and mango cake.

Tea for the others.