Noodles and Dumpling

My mom went with her friends last week to 義聚東/劉家水餃 (Yi Ju Dong/Liu Family Dumplings) because one of her friends had seen it be introduced on TV. Today, she decided to take us there since the all thought it was not bad. It wad, not bad. The Korean noodles, which I forgot the name of, was chewy and unlike other noodles I’ve tried before. Unfortunately, it was spicy, and my spicy tolerance is way low, so it wasn’t as enjoyable for me. The leek dumplings, on the other hand, were quite yum. The dumpling skin was chewy like the noodles, and the filling was a nice blend if leek and pork.

The place was really popular, especially for lunch. Luckily we went there earlier since by the time we were leaving, there was one line of people outside waiting for seats and another for takeaway. It was, to say the least, quite packed. Never underestimate the power of what being broadcasted on TV can do for a restaurant!